Licensed Psychologist

CogniTive Neuroscientist

Dr. Klabunde can provide you with a ‘superbill’ after you have received services.

A superbill is a specialized invoice, which includes the procedure coding, diagnosis coding and session dates that your insurance carrier will need in order to reimburse you.

We suggest calling your insurance company in advance to inquire about coverage for the service you are looking for.

 Super Bills


Individual Therapy

We offer several options for those who need to pay for Dr. Klabunde's services out-of-pocket. You can:

* Pay with credit and debit cards

* Use an HSA card or flex spending card
* Write a check, payable to Dr. Klabunde

* Have re-occuring payments deducted from your credit card through through a secure stripe account.

Billing Options

Insurance Information

While we do not offer direct insurance billing at this time, Dr. Klabunde is happy to support you in getting reimbursement from your insurance company for our services.

Simply ask Dr. Klabunde to help you obtain the necessary documentation. You can then submit a claim to your insurance company directly for patient direct reimbursement.

Family Therapy